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Nov 2018

Faith Changes Me from the Inside.

Paul and Barnabas have just returned from their first mission trip. Peter pays a visit to their home church. At first Peter fellowships with both the Jewish and Gentile believers. But when some important people visit from Jerusalem, Peter is afraid what they will think. Peter distances himself from the Gentile believer and many others, including Barnabas follow his example. Paul is forced to call them out and discusses what the work of Jesus on the cross really means. Gal. 2:11-21

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Aug 2018

Are We Growing in God?

Retired NFL player, James K. Smith, speaks on the need to grow in our relationship with God. Now growing in God isn't always easy. Suffering is part of life, but God can work through the pain to mature us. Other people are always watching us, even when we don't think so. What kind of Bible does our life show them? Are we lights in the darkness?

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